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July 7,8 & 9!

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Welcome to Brora-Farm, home of

ACT and Region Equine Assisted Learning

Located near Canberra, Australia. 




 Hi everyone- I am looking for a person who could facilitate EAL sessions. Books are pretty much full- the only way to enable more participants is to have a couple of sessions going at once. Initially this position would be on a very casual basis- perhaps 1-4 sessions per week, with opportunity to grow.
Must haves are:
Compassion, empathy, patience and people skills.
Professionalism and punctuality.
Drive to make a difference.
EAL/P, EFL or similar qualifications.
Experience in disabilities and/or at risk youth work.
Spare time weekdays and weekends.
Experience with horses and an understanding of NH techniques.
Working with children/ vulnerable people card.
Current licence and reliable car.
Good things to also have up your sleeve-
First Aid certificate.

Please contact Sam by email if you are interested to discuss further.


Helping people engage with life!

Holiday , weekend and school programs designed for ALL young  people  to improve their skills in-  

physical ability

emotional development

leadership and confidence

schoolwork and sports performance

friendship and social skills

teamwork and self awareness

focus, memory and relaxation


EAL is also a wonderful introduction to horsemanship and horse riding. 


Brora Farm Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an inclusive program where all children, teens and young adults, including those at risk or with disabilities, learn positive skills for life through communicating, problem solving and playing with  horses.

Physical, emotional and mental skills and strategies develop as people discover what the horses are saying through body language, expression, and actions. Individuals gain confidence and trust in the horse as they progress.

By engaging in EAL, young people can achieve their goals and improve their lives - they experience taking on responsibilty in a safe environment.

No prior experience with horses is necessary. 




The aim of EAL is to create an environment where young people can develop and improve their interactions with others. 

EAL gives participants the confidence needed for resilience and empowers them to believe in themselves.

Horses will only react in a positive way when you are honest and authentic. 

EAL gives young people insight to discover more acceptable ways to survive in society and think about their futures in a constructive manner.



Brora Farm Equine Assisted Learning- servicing ACT and local region 

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